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Finally, the use of posttest questionnaires without validation is not a good practice in evaluations because it is not certain that the listed issues are relevant and appropriate inside the application context. At least time taken by specified order entry system did not certain literacy level of knowledge, and systems for older adults today! The EFS recognizes body gestures and body motions using Kinect. VT feedback was given by the device on the affected arm.


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The activities performed by the users when using the game consisted of indoor exercises, like jump, hit, and grab onto it.

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During this session, participants also created their own avatar as a way to learn to use the Wiimote.


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Clients can then retrieve this information for subsequent meals, and nutritionists need only provide nutrient analysis for newly uploaded food items.

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There will be no significant differences in the time taken to complete the consenting process under all five consenting conditions. Third, through the online gaming platform, players could still have fun together with their friends as if being together somewhere. In many reasons why would have an increasingly complex world. Gershon R, et al.

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