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Upon the filing of an action and in accordance with the track designated by the plaintiff, the clerk shall issue a tracking order that establishes the tracking deadlines for completion of the stages of litigation. A motion to consolidate is a motion to join two or more cases together into one action where the issues are basically the same Code of Civil Procedure Section 104 states When actions involving a common question of law or fact are.

This Ofsted When a per diem court reporter is assigned, the record produced by such court reporter shallbe the official record. In any case where the court, in its discretion, permits jurors to make written notes concerning testimony and other evidence, the trial judge shall precede the announcement of permission to make notes with appropriate guidelines.

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For example if a case is consolidated for trial but not for discovery discovery in one case cannot be used in the other case Judgments entered in consolidated cases apply only to the parties named in the judgments. Rules if needed for a fair examination of the deponent or if the deponent or another person, or other circumstance, impedes or delays the examination.

Stipulations for consolidation are consolidated cases then make a motion to consolidate and amendments shall notify opposing party. If the motion is granted, with the consent of the transferring court the consolidated case will be given the number of the first filed case and assigned to that court.

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